Quinads Airdrop

Quinads News !!!

Hy Quiners

Quin has launched the QUINWALLET Platform as a product of QUINADS.

QUINADS provides airdrop with a total of 120,000,000 QUIN TOKEN in a period of 1 year.

How to follow:

1. Register at https://secure.quinwallet.com/register

2. Create a Wallet in QUINWALLET

3. Hold QUIN Tokens on QUINWALLET, Airdrop will be distributed every month.

4. Calculation of the Airdrop distribution

* Every user who holds Hold QUIN will be calculate with Total QUIN that is stored by all users

* For example USER A hold 200,000,000 QUIN and the total QUIN stored on QUINWALLET is 1 Billion Tokens

* Every month 10 million QUIN TOKEN will be distributed to each holder based on the percentage of holders

  Then user A is a holder with a percentage of 20% so that he gets a 20% x 10 Million 

* Rewards are calculated per day as long as the user is still holding, and distributed every month

5. This program starts in March

6. Get 10 ETH Reward Lottery Vouchers for holders with a QUIN number of more than 150 Million and the longest during the period

7. The roadshow is scheduled to resume starting March 15, 2019

Thank you

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